Department of 戏剧艺术

戏剧艺术, Teaching Endorsement and 艺术管理

Want to continue to participate in 剧院 after high school? We have a scholarship for that!

And the good news is, you don't have to be a 剧院 major to qualify. Scholarships are awarded to students who show potential in the performance, technical or both aspects of 剧院 production. Find out more about how to apply and when auditions are scheduled.


Take advantage of every opportunity

You will find a number of ways to enhance your Simpson Experience.


Make plans to join us at Simpson 产品 for our 2023-24 season!

Get involved at Simpson

Becoming involved outside the classroom develops important, marketable skills.


Define your own career path

You will benefit from participating in 剧院 as it pushes you to be a better communicator, 时间管理器, organizer and listener - valuable skills applicable to any occupation.


High School 剧院 Festival

Simpson's long-running 剧院 festival is open to ALL high school students. 这个节日, sponsored by TG反波胆app最新版下载剧院, is a full day of discussions, workshops led by experienced 剧院 artists and a performance designed especially for high school students and teachers. Regardless of interest, whether onstage or backstage, students will enhance their skills and get an inside look of what TG反波胆app最新版下载剧院 has to offer.