尝试新事物,测试结果. That is what an Exploreship Journey is all about.


Legends grab as many real-world, experiences as they can to learn.

你在TG反波胆app最新版下载也会这么做. Exploreships put you in the center of many robust experiences to deepen your interests, define your career path and practice skills so you’re ready for anything.  

Experiencing the world is the best way to learn. 体验更多. 通常的经验. 体验更好.

  • Exploreships are tailored to every student. We have faculty and staff dedicated to guiding you on your own Exploreship Journey. 
  • 选择你自己的旅程. 看看下面的瓷砖 and see what interests you and what supports your goals the best. 然后,开始和我们对话. 让我们开始计划吧! 
  • 我们有很多例子可以分享 ... some close to home with roots tied to local civic engagement and some that are ambitious and take students across the globe. 这取决于你!


Studying abroad in Tahiti isn’t typical – but you can do it at Simpson! Erin, a triple major, signed up and had amazing experiences that changed her life. 她在美国实习.S. Consulate, 交了一辈子的朋友, saw the world from a different perspective and identified a problem that needed solving. She went on to intern at Earthjustice (the largest nonprofit environmental law firm) and has a job offer before she graduates. Go Erin!

实习技巧一: 把自己定位为一个勤奋的人, reliable worker puts you in good standing for full-time hiring consideration.

实习技巧二: 在工作中要积极主动, 注意细节, 倾听并接受批评, 自愿参加一些特殊项目.

实习技巧三: You’ll meet the first people in your professional network. 与他们保持联系.


You are passionate about what you want to study for a reason. 让它驱动你. Immerse yourself in as many real-world, hands-on learning experiences as possible. Try new things, push and practice your skills. 

Mix & match any of the following to create your own journey.


Career-shaping opportunities with companies large and small in Des Moines and beyond. 尽早实习,经常实习,以获得进步.


Work on and off campus to answer big-picture questions that matter in the real world.


Test theory. Test models. Build leadership and essential power skills.


Already have a job and want to practice the skills you are learning in class with your current employer? Chair a committee, propose a study or provide a new theory to enhance operations for example. 


不仅仅是勤工俭学. Embrace a leadership role as a valuable member of the campus community. Work side-by-side with faculty and mentor your peers.


有所作为 by connecting your talents with community needs. AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity or a Wesley Service Scholarship to name a few!


Each year study abroad opportunities and locations change. There is always a new location or culture to explore.


Collaborate. 有所作为. 问大问题. 寻找真正的答案. 例子包括:DNA Origami, 医疗保健伦理, restoration of prairies or farmers to improve agricultural practices to name a few!


Travel near or far to put your education to work. 之前的访问包括华盛顿特区.C., Denver, Dallas, New York, 旧金山, Chicago, London, Milan, China, Israel, Rwanda, 厄瓜多尔和泰国. 目的地不断延伸.

Explore & Grow

Study abroad to expand your understanding of the world, 学会欣赏其他文化, look at your own culture with a fresh perspective and gain a new sense of self-confidence. Led by professors and open to all students regardless of major. 去智利、德国、塔希提岛和其他地方! 



在一次探险中, you’ll learn firsthand there are different types of leadership skills needed for different purposes. 指导和指导, 团队建设和协作, directing to bring a vision to reality and being a role model ... 在SC体验它们.

研究益处1: 了解研究过程, 如何解决问题, developing skills to interpret results and the ability to analyze data.

研究益处2: Understanding that assertions require supporting evidence and understanding how knowledge is constructed.

研究好处三: Learning to work independently, gaining self-confidence and building a tolerance for obstacles.


  • “这是我做过的最好的决定.”
  • “最好的教职员工!”
  • “SC造就了今天的我.”
  • “SC将我作为一个个体进行了拓展.”
  • “这是我一生中最美好的时光.”
  • “教授们关心我.”
  • “终极大学体验.”
  • “我结交了一生的朋友,我珍惜他们.”
  • “我在国外的时光改变了我的整个世界.”


Students, faculty and community partners – it’s a win-win!


SERVICE LEARNING in and out of the classroom can benefit you academically, 个人和专业. For example:

  • 根据信念和价值观行事
  • 培养批判性思维能力
  • 培养解决问题的能力
  • 增进对不同文化的理解
  • Learn about social issues and their causes
  • 与社区成员联系 
  • Test out your skills, interests and values in a potential career path

Faculty Win:

SERVICE LEARNING can benefit faculty by influencing how they construct their class and how they teach curriculum. For example:

  • 鼓励互动式教学方法
  • 在课堂讨论中加入新的见解
  • 引领新的研究途径
  • 帮助培养学生的领导能力
  • 提供社交机会
  • Provide firsthand knowledge of community issues


SERVICE LEARNING can benefit communities and community members by adding additional human resources to achieve organizational goals. For example:

  • 提高公众对关键问题的认识
  • 与青春相连 
  • Prepare today’s students to be future civic leaders
  • Add new energy, enthusiasm in support of organizational goals
  • Add new perspectives in support of organization goals